12 Funny Pictures Will Tell Everything Wrong About Indian Roads

Every Indian citizen knows how much forward we are in terms of development. And when it comes to the roads of India, then there is not so much to debate about. But still we bet that we are unique in our own way and no one can reach our level. And these 15 funny pictures will explain the rest about the Indian roads. Take a look and enjoy!


Banning the vehicles in some states of India is better. Because the boats will be more suitable than the four-wheeler.


This picture clearly explains why Indian roads are not suitable for such cars.


Then we are fined for not following rules, LOL!


Habibi!! Even people of Dubai will feel shame for not owning such camel. This camel owner for sure will get a good price if he is interested in selling his luxurious camel.


Soon they will have reserved seats. BTW they are asking for their rights and they are worth it!


These lines without any joke are the best. And those driving recklessly fast should think over this.

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