11 Normal Indians Who Look Exactly Like Celebrities. They’re Just Unbelievable.

It says there are at least 7 people on earth who have similar look with you, and the saying seems to be 99.9℅ correct. Earlier, we did a story on celebrity lookalikes. But, we found that there are actually many more dopplehangers as we keep receiving emails from our readers requesting us to include their photos on our popular list. We picked a few of them and added a few more from the internet. Here you go.

Get ready to be surprised!

1. With same haircut and moustache, this guy looks like Ron Swanson.

2. This dude looks like Peter Dinklage.

3. So tell me, which one is the South Indian actor Dhanush here?

Can you guess it right?

4. This is Priya Mukherji. She is actually known for her looks exactly identical as Sonakshi Sinha.

Her uncanny resemblance to the Bollywood actress surprised everyone and it went viral on Instagram. Now, the lady has got an offer to act on Television.

5. This dude looks like Bollywood’s strongest man Sunny Deol.

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