11 Defining Pictures Of Demonetization That India Hasn’t Forgotten

Last year, India dealt with a change it wasn’t prepared for. Neither a natural disaster, nor a terrorist attack (they are common), it was demonetization, the most spontaneous decision ever pulled by the government. In an attempt to uproot black money, prime minister Modi made all ₹ 1000 and ₹ 500 notes as null and void and introduced new currency notes. Except for the color pink, a glossy texture and Gandhiji looking in a different direction now, nothing big came out of Demonetization. It did render savings of millions of people useless . And just as the country, apparently celebrated its first demonetization anniversary, here are 10 pictures that speak the truth and question, if we really deserved this?
1. People wait for hours for their turn outside ATMs

2. The soldier who lost his spot in the line.

3. A lady lies unconscious with redundant ₹ 1000 notes outside a bank.

4. People stand for hours to deposit their currency that means nothing now.

5. Man reduced to tears after finding his money useless.

6. A lady stands disappointed after another ‘no cash’ ATM

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