10 Things Every Indian Bride Needs To Know And Understand Before Her Wedding Night

Wedding night is special for all the reasons you can think of or not think of. But we cannot deny the fact that it does make us nervous and gives us goosebumps imagining the turn of events that may or may not make it special for both of you. However, here are 10 things that can prep you up and help you sail through the night with ease. So all the brides-to-be, take note of the following and make your special night – and the nights that follow – all the more special and interesting. After all, the first night won’t repeat itself and I’m sure you definitely want to remember it for the rest of your life!

1. Don’t rush

Take it slow and easy on your wedding night. There is no hard and fast rule to get physically intimate on the very first night. So chill, give each other time and get comfortable before taking the next step. Rushing will only ruin the moment for both of you.

2. Unlearn in order to learn

You might have had love affairs prior to your marriage and find yourself an expert in love matters but come on, you are a human, and like every other human, there are things you might not know or need to work on. Instead of practicing or exercising your limited knowledge, try to unlearn whatever you know and be ready to learn new things with your partner.

3. Leave your past behind

Leave the extra baggage behind and bury your past. Step into the future with confidence, for the past cannot be changed but the present and future is in your hands. You don’t want the burden of your past slow you down while you climb up the ladder of a hopeful future, do you?

4. Communication is the key

Talk, smile, laugh, share your anxieties or excitement and let comfort sink in between the both of you. It will help you relax and build the momentum.

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