10 Most Embarrassing & Awkward Selfie Fails Ever By People Who Forgot To Check Their Picture Before Posting!

Selfies are necessary for our existence these days. Selfies are the proof that you have a front camera in your phone and that you know how to pout, But the best thing about taking a selfie is that you don’t have to depend on someone else’s photography skills. But yes, only if you are very confident about yours. These people need to take some lessons on photography or probably on how to take selfies. Check out the funny selfie fails by these people who are doing a really really terrible job. These pictures are a funny reminder that sometimes it is better to let someone else take your photo rather than going for a selfie.

1. Training that kid way too early.

2. Rule 1: Check is anybody is a round.

3. This Sh*t

4. Then there are friends like this.

5. Whatever dafuq she is trying to do.

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