10 Indian Wives Who Are Actually Freakin’ Hilarious! Take A Look. And Say ‘Bharatiya Nari Ka Jawab Nahi…’

Who said that women do not have a sense of humour? Indian women are so fu*kin hilarious sometimes that even they themselves have no idea that they are leaving us in splits. Well the twist in the tale is that they actually say nothing to leave us rolling on the floor, all they do is do what everyone else does (unless it is about entering the train through the window) but the way they do is what leaves up in splits. Check out some such women here.

Wo bas mere haath ka buna sweater hi pehente hai.

Kyunki sanskari auratein pati ka naam nahi leti.

Hum insaan ke bachho me or jaanwar ke baccho me fark nahi karte bhaisahab!

Mere saiyan superstar..mere saiyan superstar.

Sharam to aurat ka gehna hai!

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