His Wife Was Sold And Forced To Live As A Prostitute In UP; How A Deal Of Rs 80,000 By The Courageous Husband Led To Her Rescue

A courageous man in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra managed to free his wife from the dark alleys of the red light area where she was forced to live the life of a prostitute. He, however, is now running from post to pillar to bring the accused men to justice.

On September 23, the woman had gone visit her brother in Firozabad but while returning home two days later she was given a sedative-laced drink by a man from Itawa along with his female accomplice, who has been named Preeti.

Her husband grew worried when she did not return home on the said time on September 26 and began searching for her at every nook and cranny. After an intensive search and relentless asking of questions he could learn nothing of her whereabouts.

The frightened woman then somehow manage to make a call to him and made her husband aware of her predicament while sharing the address of the area. The man, armed with determination to free her from the clutches of her kidnappers, reached the red light area disguising himself as a customer.

After spotting his wife there, “I approached her handlers and demanded that she be freed and allowed to leave with her son,” he told, before adding that the men did not relent and began thrashing him.

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