Wife On Rent! In This Indian Village Husbands Rent Their Wives To Rich Businessmen By Signing On Stamp Papers Of Rs 10

While we talk about women empowerment and gender equality, there is a village in Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri area where husbands are renting out their wives on a monthly and yearly basis for prices as low as a few thousands. Known as the Dhadeecha Pratha, here women are given on lease to wealthy businessmen who don’t have a wife, by their own husbands. All they have to do is sign on stamp papers of Rs 10 and the deal is made. After the contract ends, another deal is signed with some other man or the real husband of the woman on Rs 10 stamp paper and the woman has a new husband again.

The deeds are signed on stamps of Rs 10 to Rs 100. But Madhya Pradesh is not the only state where this is happening. In 2006 a man in Gujarat sold his wife to a rich businessman for a monthly rental of Rs 8000.

In some districts of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, a drop in the sex ratio is giving rise to such activities.

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