Why The Milestones We See On Indian Roads Are Different In Colour? This Is The Reason

Have you ever noticed that the different milestones that you see along different roads in India have different colours? No, they are not just coloured randomly but each colour represent a certain thing. While the information on the milestones tells you how far your destination is from a certain point, the colour code on them tells the kind of road or area you are driving on. From yellow, green and black to orange there are four main colours that we see on the milestones. Here’s decoding for you all the colours of milestones you spot on the Indian roads.

If you see a milestone with yellow strip on top of it, it means that you are driving on the national highway (NH). These milestones are placed only on India’s national highways.

Milestones with green strips on the upper part indicates that you are on the state highway. These roads are built as well as maintained by the state government.

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