Why Burning Agarbatti (Incense) Is An Essential Part Of Prayer. These Are The Scientific Reasons Behind It

Burning agarbatti or incense sticks is an essential part of prayer. This tradition is followed during religious ceremonies and meditation sessions. Here is the scientific reason of this ancient Indian tradition, which has a deeper meaning that to just spread a sweet fragrance in the room!

In ancient times, many medicinal extracts were put in an agarbatti. Loban and guggal were especially popular, and are abundantly used even today. Loban is extracted from the resin of Boswellia tree. As we inhale the fragrance, it triggers TRPV3 protein in our brain, which produces soothing sensation under the skin, thus relaxing your senses and reducing tension.

Atharva Veda has described the various benefits of guggulu in detail. It is an oleo gum resin exuded by plant during harsh summer. It has antiseptic and astringent properties. Burning its incense can purify air.

Burning incense spreads a fresh and rejuvenating smell around, which calms down the mind and helps in concentration. That’s why they are burned during pujas.

In Vastu, burning incense is believed to spread positivity around, by neutralizing any harmful vibes in the air.

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