This Man Has An Entire Animal Park In His House Including Some Carnivores!

Dr. Prakash Amte and his wife Mandakini Amte have sheltered over 100 wild animals in their house and they all live together in harmony as one big family.

This man is the younger son of Baba Amte and is a known social worker from Maharashtra. Prakash Amte has been awarded various international and national awards for his work and he continues to put the same kind of effort even today. His animal shelter is called ‘Amte Animal Ark’ where a variety of animals stay together with Amte’s family around them.

Prakash got these animals in exchange for food and clothes with people who were going to sell them in the market. These animals are mostly orphans and had lost their parents to tribal hunters. These animals now co-exist in harmony with this wonderful family who treats them just like their own children.

Watch the video here:

Source: Daily Bhaskar

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