This 82-Year-Old Man Known As ‘Mataji’ Claims To Have Lived Without Food And Water For 77 Years, Doctors Stunned

When did you take your last meal? 2 hours ago? Or probably 3 years ago? There is a man called Prahlad Jani in India who claims that he doesn’t remember what was the last meal he took because it has been so long. The ‘breatharitarian’ claims that he has not eaten or drunk anything for the last 77 years. He says that he walks around 100-200 kms in the jungle and sometimes meditates up to 12 hours but he neither feels tired nor hungry. Though we want to dismiss all his claims as utter nonsense but there is more to the story.

Medical experts say that it is not possible to live without water for more than a week and for more than 10 days without.

However Mataji was kept under medical supervision in Gujarat where he was monitored round the clock and he came out after 15 days without consuming any food or water.

Doctors who was stunned by whatever happened, said that neither did he consume anything nor did he pass urine or stool.

The yogi was watched out by dozens of medical expertsa nd CCTV cameras. The toilet seat was sealed and his clothes were checked regularly for traces of urine and stool.

Even if he had to leave the room for some medical test, he was under a permanent watch. In fact he was not even allowed to gargle or bath for these 15 days.

Breatharianism is a concept in which people are not attached or dependent on food. So what do you think? Prahlad Jani is faking it or his claims are true?

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