These Weird Jobs In The World Will Leave You Amazed

Surely If someone wants something very different than trying one of them can be your next job option.

1. Rental Boyfriend

Any girl going through the tough phase after breakup or feeling alone here you go. The capital city of Japan can get you a rental boyfriend who will behave exactly like a real boyfriend and support you emotionally. Providing you the feeling of genuine relationship.

2. Professional Sleeper

What can be better than getting money for sleeping. It is used for the medical purposes to understand sleep disorder.

3. Professional Pusher

In Japan, everyone is very punctual and no one wants to get late so the government has appointed pusher who push people inside the train.

4. Stand In Liner

No more waiting in lines here is the people who work as the professional stand-in liners and they are called as Narabiyas in Japanese.

5. Wedding Guests

This is not a joke but enough evidence available that people do get paid as a wedding guest and apart from payment food is complimentary.

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