These 12 Indians Wore Hilarious T-Shirts Like A Boss

They didn’t shy from wearing those t-shirts in public and even had the courage to get clicked with those on.

1- This man had some serious guts, standing next to a ‘stupid’ cabinet minister. 

2- I am sexy and I know it. Please arrest this sexy man. 

3- Shame on you girls. The smartest man in India is still a bachelor and looking for an eligible girl.

4- He would have even put Einstein to shame. Wanna compete with him?

5- One more self proclaimed godman. He should not even dare to go near police. 

6- The saddest man in India, who doesn’t even need sex. This man just hates government. 

7- The newest type of porn in market. Now even skeletons are not spared.

8- The manly blonde! But where is the color?

9- See his confidence. Rahul Gandhi needs to learn something from him. Confidence level = Infinity

10- This man doesn’t give a shit. Just do it and forget.

11- The truth of life and all of us have faced it. Perhaps, the designer of this t-shirt was also harassed  by his girl-friend. 

12- This man won’t shy from taking your eyes away. He seems brutal.

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