The State Bank Of India Will Close The Accounts Of All Those Who Have Not Done This One Thing Before 31st December 2017

If you have an account in the State Bank of India (SBI) and you still haven’t linked your bank account to your Aadhar number get it done as soon as possible. If not, the bank might end up closing your account. The bank has notified its customers that they have to submit their Aadhar number to the bank before 31st December 2017, failing which the bank might close their account. If you have an account in SBI, you can link your account to your Aadhar through internet banking. Apart from this, you can also get them linked through the SBI app, ATMs, customer service points or by directly going to the branch.

Through SMS: You can also get it done through SMS. Enter your Aadhar number and press the space button. Then enter your account number and send it to 567676 from your registered mobile phone number. If your phone number is not registered with the bank you will get a message from the bank.

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