Shocking, These 10 Successful People Who Barely Sleep!

Let’s Take A Look At 10 Successful People Who Barely Sleep! Let Us Know Who These People Are And What Is Their Routine!

1. Tim Cook, Apple CEO

He wakes up at 3:45 AM usually, and sometimes at 4:30 AM. After all, managing and keeping a company like Apple Inc. to heights, this level of hard work is needed. Sometimes, people working gets surprised on receiving an official mail at 4:30 AM.

2. Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey runs and manages two companies at one time, Twitter and Square. He usually devotes 8-10 hours for each company. The rest of the time left is for sleeping.

3. Disney CEO, Bob Iger

He wakes up at 4:30 AM to keep tabs on all that is happening. He is fond of reading news paper, he takes some time out to exercise, listen to music, look at the emails and watch tv all at once.

4. Former US President George W. Bush

He is so busy in meetings all the time during the day. He runs and reaches office at 6:45 AM.

5. Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz

He starts his day with workout, and riding bike with his wife. He still gets to the office at 6 AM.

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