Father And Brother Raped Her For 9 Years and Mother Took Her For Abortion 8 Times; The Heart Breaking Story Of A Girl

Seema (name changed) was the only day in the last 9 years that came with a ray of hope. For the first time in around a decade she felt that she can come out of the hell in which she was living and live a normal life. Seema has accused her father and her brother of raping her for 3000 days (9 years). She got pregnant 8 times in these 9 years and every time her mother would take her for an abortion. Seema comes from Lucknow’s Alambagh area. Here’s her true story:

Seema said that she lived at her grandparents’ house for 9 years. The day she returned to her home, her family was supposed to shift to a new house. Seems says that on the day the family shifted to the new house, her father fell sick.

Instead of going to the doctor, her father went to a tantrik. He told her father that to save his life he has to have sex with his daughter.

Since that day her father forced her to sleep with him everyday. Whenever she would refuse, he would beat her up.

For nine years her father and her brother raped her. She had 8 abortions during this time.

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