Salary Of Mukesh Ambani’s Driver Will Blow Your Mind!!

The chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd, Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in India. He is one of the richest and most popular persons in the world. He is known for living his life to his reputations. He always makes headlines for various reasons. His house Antilia is the costliest private houses in the world. The house has everything one can need to live life king size. On top of that, Mukesh Ambani also owns more than 500 cars along with a helicopter.

Let’s be honest! Reliance Jio has completely changed the face of telecom business in the country when it was launched last year. It offers free calls as well as free data for its users for more than 6 months. In order to compete with other telecom operators, he has been offering very low-cost plans.
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Now, his drivers are making the headlines. A video has gone viral on social media, which talks about the drivers working for Mukesh Ambani. The video shows the selection process and salary of Ambani’s drivers.

Mukesh Ambani’s Driver’s Salary

It is believed that the driver is being paid a whopping amount of Rs. 2 Lakh per month by Mukesh Ambani. Yes, You heard it right! The salary of Mukesh Ambani’s driver is approx. Rs. 2 Lakh. Per month.
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Extensive Training for the driver:

The drivers for Ambani family are trained by private companies, who train them properly. After the training, these drivers have to clear several exams to get a job in Ambani house. Their reactions under multiple situations are examined. After the extensive training, they get a job in Ambani family.

Check out the video right here:

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