Lord Shiva Had An Unforgettable Love Affair And Parvati Knew All About. This Is Who Mohini Really Was

The epitome of true love, Lord Shiva is known for his loyalty and selflessness towards Parvati. His stories of Sati and the formation of the Shakti peeths are famous as a unique story of love.

But can you believe that he had a love affair? We all know that beauty has the power to melt anything that comes in its way. Similarly, the gods were too weakened by a beauty called ‘Mohini’.
Read on to find out.

Who is she and how did she come into existence?
Bhasmasura had the power to disappear anyone who touched him. He was impossible to beat and also tried to kill Shiva. That’s when Vishnu decided to take the form of Mohini and seduced Bhasmasura. Mohini then involved him in a dance that made him touch his own head and he vanished.

Soon all the gods began praising Lord Vishnu and also the beauty of Mohini. Lord Shiva was so overwhelmed that he reached out to Vishnu along with Parvati and asked him to take the form of Mohini once more. On seeing Mohini, Shiva feel for her beauty and what happened next was unexpected.

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