Kangana Ranaut Said THESE NASTY THINGS About Salman Khan In Her Mails To Hrithik

It is completely appalling to see how one relationship (though we still don’t know whether it existed or not) has opened up so many best kept secrets of Bollywood actors. As the Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut’s public fight gets murkier and dirtier, here’s another incident that took place during the much talked about email conversations between the Queen and the Superhero.

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In another supposed leaked excerpt from Kangana Ranaut’s alleged emails to Hrithik Roshan (or his imposter. Who cares? The fact is that the sender of the mail was Kangana and not anyone else), here’s how she discussed Salman Khan with her beau!

You went for Big Boss (When Hrithik went to Bigg Boss during the promotion of ‘Bang Bang’ and goss was rife that he didn’t meet Salman on stage and went straight inside the house due to his then alleged closeness to Katrina Kaif). That’s great, it’s good to give BB that post-release promotion. I am glad you didn’t meet SK [Salman Khan]. He’s weird. When I said no to that film, he said, ‘Kareena was doing that film, but I gave it to you because it won’t help her, but it can make your career’.

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My jaw dropped. Is he crazy? Kareena’s role in Bajrangi Bhaijaan will make my career? Which world does he live in? Which of his heroine’s career is made? Everyone told me not to do it. And I am loved because I never worked with him. Does he even know, people who have put their money on me, directors, producers, studios pleaded with me not to do his films because it will harm my brand,” she further wrote.

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