‘I Saw My Husband Taking Out Condoms And I Was So Scared That I…’ 8 People Reveal The Most Awkward Thing That Happened On Their Wedding Night

There is a lot that happens in Indian weddings and the night that follows (if you know what we mean). Bollywood has also raised our expectations high when it comes to the suhaagraat. While the wife sits on the bed with a ghunghat till her knees, the husband enters after being enough teased by the buas and the bhabhis. He lifts her ghunghat, she offers him the glass of kesar doodh and then there are only birds and bees everywhere. Well, in real life the suhagraat is not necessarily so sugary and sweet. After all that the bride and the groom go through on their d-day, they are more tired than excited. Well, seems like reality is different than what they show us on the television. Talking about reality, suhagrats don’t have a happy ending always and the experience of these people will force you into believing that.

You will never know how big your family is until you have a wedding in the family. And it seems the chachis and the didis are more excited about your wedding night than you yourself. While you still have a fair idea about the level of their adult jokes, think about the poor bride who is meeting them for the first time.

Apparently this couple had a love marriage. But when you are in India, it doesn’t matter whether you are marrying the love of your life or someone your family chose, when they say you have to do certain things, you have to do it at any cost. It is all about being sanskari, you know.

Time for some reality check guys! She agreed to marry you doesn’t mean that she is dying to see that love stick of yours. Give her some time and things will fall into place eventually.

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