Hilarious Signboards Where Some Desis Got To Show Their Creative Talent. This Is Your Laughter Dose For The Day!

Our country is full of crazy and hilarious things. People can go up to any extent to grab attention. If you are living in India, you must have seen many desi signboards- some are regular, while others are so witty that they instantly catch your attention.

Just one look at these signboards will make you laugh and wonder how marvelously witty can a human mind be. We bring you a list of funny roadside signboards that will surely work to convince you why it takes to be a genius to come up with these pearls of wisdom.

Click on the following slides and have a look at these desi signboards that are found on every Indian road.
We all can relate to these catchy signs on Highways, right?

Free ‘Chillati Chutney’, anyone?

He’s so badnaam that he’s actually famous!

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