Hilarious Pics: These Super Intelligent People From The World Will Make You Go ROFL

here are professional comic stars and then there are people who have the unknown talent to make you go ROFL. Well, we are talking about those whose acts are enough to tickle your funny bones.

There is no dearth of intelligent people in the world, but what if the intelligent becomes a bit more! Well, it can become lethal and land you up in pictures that only become a heavy laughter dose for the world. We bring you some such hilarious photos.

To start with, hats off to this man, who has married not one but two women at the same time! We are already imagining his plight being torn between the ladies!

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Don’t you dare to touch my slippers, even if I am asleep!

Rubberbands? They are a passé!

Who said there was only a ship named Titanic!

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