Here Is Why Lemons Are Associated With Black Magic And Other Totkas. Find Out How They Are Used.

While there are so many things in life and the world around us that are not understood by many people, black magic is one thing that is far away from the understanding of people who really do not care about these magic, ‘Totkas’ etc. Ever wondered why your mother always tells you not to step over a lemon on the streets and often you find these little lemons full of red colored powder on the cross sections.

A lot of people do not believe in black magic as there is no actual reason behind it and no one really has seen it, but a lot of people have felt it around them. A lot of people claim to have felt the adverse effects of these ‘Totkas’ on their lives. Lemons are an integral part of the dark ritual, but there are some reasons why they are used for black magic. What is that makes the ‘lemon’ the carrier, messenger of the dark arts?

It is a medium of witchcraft
Lemon is used as a medium object in black magic to hurt the desired person. Whoever practices black magic uses lemons to capture the evil or carry out the practices.
It is effective in Carrying a cursing spell

The spell or evil spirit that is attached to the curse/spell is most easily carried or captured in a lemon and it is effective in nature. Lemons carry the spells. That is the reason we should never step over a lemon.

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