From The 7-Year-Old Surgeon To The 10-Year-Old Film Director, 10 Child Prodigies In India Who Let Their Work Speak For Themselves

India is a land of wonders- be it about things or people. While the country has produced some immensely renowned professionals in every field, it has also given birth to some extra talented and child prodigies who are doing unbelivable things at an age when all we knew were dolls and playhouses. Have a look at some of the child geniuses in the country who have achieved brilliance and applause pretty early in their lives. These kids are proving that age is just a number and that talent is not defined by age.


The 8-year-old known as ‘The Google Boy’ for his extraordinary memory. He can answer questions about 213 countries and is called the ‘Mini Encyclopedia’. He has also appeared in ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’.


Performed his first surgery at the age of 7. He got admission in the medical college at the age of 12. He has also appeared in the Oprah Winfrey Show.


At the age of 13, he made India’s first 3D printer. He dropped school at the age of 9 because he wanted to learn by doing things. He has also invented an i-Pad for the blind in 2013.


The rising chess star of India who is called the ‘Next Vishwanathan Anand’. Aravind was awarded the International Master by FIDE at the age of 14.


He is the youngest director in the world recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records. Directed his first feature film C/o Footpath at the age of 10.

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