From Tailor To God Woman! 10 Facts To Know About Controversial Radhe Maa

7. She is blessed with three children and infact she is a grandmother as well. Followers however claim that the relationship between Radhe Maa and her husband and children is that of guru and disciple.

8. She has been banned from the Nashik Kumbh mela on August 29 2015 by the Dwarkapeeth Shankaracharya Swami Swarupanand. Why this decision? Well, it is because they feel “The entry of pretenders is rising in the sacred arena of sadhus and mahants. Trikal Bhavanta, Radhe Maa, and Sachchidananda, who is a liquor professional, should be restrained from participating in the ‘shahi snan’ (sacred bath).

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