‘Famous’ Conjoined Twins Who Lived A Miserable Life; #4 Is About A Brother-Sister Duo Who Were Forced To Marry Each Other For Publicity

During the nineteenth century people didn’t see the conjoined twins as they see them today. Back then these unusual siblings were used by families and circus owners to make lots of money. While many of them earned enough fame and fortune in their early years, they lives penniless and a life of anonymity towards the end of their life. Have a look at the lives of some of the conjoined twins who achieved an almost celebrity status during their lifetime.

Conjoined twins Ella and Elvira Salon who were billed as the two-headed women act in the 1880s.

Twin brothers Chang and Eng Bunker went on display in the 19th centurybecause they were conjoined from the chest.

The Orissa Sisters Radica and Doddica who were conjoined by a band of cartialge between their chest.

Twins Maximo and Bartola were forced to marry as a part of a stunt so that they could gain more publicity.

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