Cleopatra Had A Vibrator Made Out Of Bees. 5 More Shocking Sex Facts Of Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt did not have many restrictions on sex, and by that I mean, they really did everything that one can think of and even beyond imagination. Although they pushed boundaries by having sex with animals and siblings.

Although it’s not like the streets of Egypt were flowing with people committing adultery. They had advanced forms of birth control and also kept records of their encounters.
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Cleopatra had a ‘Vibrator’ made Out of Bees
Cleopatra was no saint to sex. During the time of Roman invasion, she had an illegitimate son with Julius Caesar. Later she also slept with Mark Antony which became the cause of her death. Although when she wasn’t involved with the men, rumor has it she entertained herself with a box full of bees and used it as a vibrator.

There’s a Famous Piece of Papyrus Porn
Egyptians were liberal with their use of pornography. Erotic images existed through times with the most famous piece being a series of sexual vignettes known as Turin Erotic Papyrus. A lot of different positions have been shown including having sex on a chariot.

Egyptians Used Dung and Acacia Gum as Birth Control
Egyptians were skeptical of having too many babies. The gum on an ancient papyrus (plant) of the acacia tree had spermicidal properties. Besides that they also used honey, sodium carbonate and crocodile dung in desperate times.

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