Ever Wondered Why Bhaang Is Consumed On The Occasion Of Holi?

Holi is here and so the celebrations have already started. From throwing water balloons to applying colours to friends and family is a true joy. The festival of colours is celebrated with much fanfare in our country.

The festival is all about spreading joy and happiness and mend the differences and fill each other’s life with beautiful colours.

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On the day before Dhuleti people worship Holika, pray for the wellness of their family. And the next people play Holi dancing to the tunes of some peppy tracks, singing, having gujiyas and drinking bhaang. This drink is quite common during the festival of Holi. In fact, Holi is incomplete without Bhaang.

Bhaang is very commonly consumed drink in our country which is very famous since ages even before our current generations.

Image Source: Scoopwhoop

Well, have you ever wondered why Bhaang is consumed on Holi? No? We have the answer.

Bhaang is a drink made of pistachios, cashew nuts, almonds, black pepper, fennel seeds, poppy seeds, rose petals. A powder is prepared and mixed with yoghurt or milk and consumed chilled. However, holy men throughout history have been known to consume it in other forms, like smoking like other cannabis plants or bhang goli, a bhang tablet.

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