Dogs Were Worshipped In Hinduism For A Connection With Lord Shiva And Bhairava. Here’s Why They Shouldn’t Be Mistreated

People treat dogs in a nasty way, making them feel unwanted when all the dogs want to hear is “who’s a good boy” and they’ll wag their tails like crazy. Some even go to to the extent of torturing dogs and abusing them in ways unimaginable by a sane person.

Dogs are the most loyal and trustworthy creatures who will rip anyone apart for you if you show them the love and affection. Yet they are mistreated and exploited.

Read on to find out.

Well here are some facts for all those haters. Lord Shiva Is worshipped in Hinduism and you will be surprised to know that dogs are associated with incarnations of Lord Shiva. You can also see God Bhairava with a black dog. It is believed that dogs are an incarnation of Bhairava.

There is also a mention of a deep connection with dogs with Lord Dattatraya who was an incarnation of the Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswar). This God was always followed by four dogs which symbolically represent the four Vedas.

Lord Yama had taken the form of a Dog to accompany Yudhistira during their final journey. He was testing the dharma of the Pandavas.

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