‘Disabled Kids Buried In Mud’, ‘Woman Marrying A Dog To Protect Her From Evil’, Such Weird And Shocking Traditions Of India That Still Exist…

Girls of this area are made to marry dogs.

The people of Jharkhand believe in ghosts and supernatural beings. It is said that to safeguard the girls, they are married to the dogs. As this can ward off the evil powers around.

Men get trampled by cows

Now, this is crossing a line, literally. A dangerous ritual involves men being trampled by cows on the day of Govardhan Puja in Madhya Pradesh. As per the people, this will make all their wishes come true.

Some action, before the marriage.

Bachelors of Jodhpur Rajasthan are beaten up by the local women in order to qualify as eligible bachelors. The men are supposed to bear the torture as it’s believed that this will get them hitched soon.

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