Delhi Man Is The First Indian To Get An Eyeball Tattoo And We Bet You Just Cannot Un-see His Pictures, Creepy AF!

So you have seen tongue tattoos and we have also seen lip tattoos. But now there is someone who has got eyeball tattoo and became the first Indian to get a sclera tattoo done. Delhi-based professional tattoo artist and piercer Karan, claims that he is the first out of 1.3 billion Indians to get the white parts of his eyes permanently inked. Karan, whose obsession with tattoos is so strong, that he has lost a count of the number of tattoos he has on his body, is now in a process of getting a full-body suit of tattoos. Karan also has 22 piercings and will soon have one tattoo- from head to finger and toe tips- that will run all over his body.

The 28-year-old is a full-time professional tattoo artist and owns a studio in Delhi.

He claims that eyeball tattoos do not involve any risks and harms if you get it done from a good tattoo artist.

He claims that out of the 7.5 billion people living in this world, only a few hundreds have got it done.

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