Childless Women Are Believed To Get Pregnant By Sleeping On The Floor Of This Temple

Women in India have tried some of the most bizarre techniques to conceive- including getting their nose pierced. What surprises us the is that some people are ready to go to any level for a baby. Even if this means believing and doing some absurd shit. For instance check out the case of this temple in Simas village near Lad Bharol in Madi district of Himachal Pradesh where women are believed to get pregnant just by sleeping on the temple’s floor. The temple is dedicated to Lord Simsa Devi, popularly called ‘Santan Datri.’ Thousands of women from the neighbouring states of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh visit the temple in the hope of a child.

Women who are unable to conceive visit the temple mostly during Navratri. Navratri is called ‘salindra’ (meaning dream) in the local language. During this time women come to the temple and sleep on the floor with the belief that they would get pregnant by doing so.

It is rumoured that women who visit the temple with faith see a dream in which the goddess herself appears and blesses them. Women who dream that the goddess gifted them a flower or fruit are believed to soon get pregnant.

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