Are You Aware Of These 10 Brave, Gorgeous And Intelligent Female IAS And IPS Officers Of India

Cracking UPSC exam is not a joke. Once a person succeeds in it, the next milestone is to work with fearlessness and honesty. Not succumbing to bribe and to corrupted politicians needs very brave heart and high level of honest. Here are the 10 female IAS and IPS officers in India who are brave and intelligent.

1. Smita Sabharwal

IAS officer Smita Sabharwal is known as the ‘People’s Officer’ in Telangana for her extraordinary work in Chittoor, Warangal, Vizag and Karimnagar. She cracked the IAS examination securing an All-India fourth rank. Hailing from Darjeeling, West Bengal, Smita got married to an IPS officer, Akum Sabharwal, who is also from the Telangana cadre. She has 17 years of service as an IAS officer under her belt.

2. Riju Bafna

Riju cleared UPSC Civil Services exam in 2013 with 77th rank. While successfully pursuing her duty, she married to her batch mate Avi Prasad who is also an IAS officer. Recently she raised her voice against cases of sexual harassment.

3. Merin Joseph

The youngest IPS Officer in the Kerala Cadre, Merin cleared the UPSC exam in the year 2012 at the age of 25. In 2015 she got married to a Kottyam based psychiatrist Chris Abraham. She has always ensured to remain available on the call 24 hours if there is any need to anyone.

4. Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya

Kanchan who belongs to Himachal Pradesh and completed her post-graduation in English Literature from Indraprastha College, Delhi is the 1st female IPS Officer to become the Director General of Police. She was awarded the President’s medal and Rajiv Gandhi Award for being an outstanding achiever. On an average, she used to meet 50 people a day. She used to talk to them to understand their problems. After her retirement in 2007, Kanchan has joined AAP after winning general election of 2014 from Haridwar.

5. Meera Borwankar

She is the first female IPS officer in Maharashtra Cadre from Punjab and is popularly known as ‘Lady Supercop’ with huge limelight pouring in after she arrested the gang members of Daud Ibrahim and Chota Rajan. The Rani Mukherjee starring movie ‘Mardani’ is inspired from her life. Her immediate ongoing tasks are the surrender of gangsters like Abu Salem and his partner Monica Bedi from Portugal,Iqbal Mirchi and Tariq Parvin from Dubai and Sharmila Shanbhag from Germany.

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