7 Amazing Tips That Will Make Your Girl Go CRAZY For You!

Most of the time, people lay more emphasis on how much can play impact a woman. Well, the answer to the same question is quite simple- to a great extent. Men’s love lives can also improve provided they put in little extra effort in before enjoying with their partners. Researchers say that kissing helps to maintain powerful physical connection with the women.

Whether it’s about reading through different online researches or discussing things with your BFF informally, there are a few things which more or less every woman desires men should do while they are on bed with them.

Here some amazing tips that women find more intriguing:

Intense Touch

Leave her craving for more by touching her on different body parts.

Dirty Talking

Dirty Talking is pretty powerful in the bedroom. Make that move to leave her spellbound.

Feather Soft Kiss

Plant a feather soft kiss on her ear, and feel her melting in your arm bit by bit.

Rub Gently

Rubbing will heat up the things.

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