5 Weirdest And Funny Court Cases Of Indian Judicial History

In a country which is this big and population is 130 crores, it is very important that our judicial system should work firmly and fairly. Whenever there is a dispute between two individuals the best place to settle it out, is court. Citizens of India have an immense faith in our legal system.

Approx 2 crores cases are pending in courts and out of these 2 crores cases, some of them are so weird and strange that even judges were surprised. Let’s go through some of them!

1. Police Arrested A Parrot

In a strange case, police arrested a parrot named Hariyal. Hariyal was trained to abuse the owner’s stepmother. Suresh Sahkarkar along with parrot booked for training the parrot. It used to make the abusive comment for the senior lady. Everytime lady used to pass parrot used to start abusing her, finally, lady filed a police complain about this verbal offence. Police had no other way but to book the parrot.

2. Akku Yadav Vs Women

Akku Yadav a serial rapist was lynched by women in the courtroom. When the court asked women, each of them took responsibility and their excuse for this act was that police was not listening to them. Eventually, the court suspended the case.

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