5 Deadly Things You Need Stop Doing At Night To Have A Long Life!

Death in inevitable. Everyone who has taken birth will die one day. Life and death are not under anyone’s control. But yes, there are certain ways in which we can improve our life span. And there are certain mistakes, that can reduce our life is we are guilty of them. The Garud Puran states 5 things doing which significantly reduces man’s life span. The first in the list is eating curd in dinner. Although curd has several benefits for your health, but consuming curd at night is the cause of several illness too, the most common is stomach related issues. This is why even Ayurveda recommends avoiding curd at night. Most of us sleep immediately after eating dinner. As a result if you include curd in your dinner, it doesn’t get digested and can have serious side effects.

Eating dried meat also reduces one’s life span. Dried meat here refers to meat that is a day or two old. When meat is old, it dries and becomes home to many bacteria and virus. When you eat that meat you are eating the bacteria along with it.

Those who wake up late in the morning are also believed to live less than those who don’t. The morning air is purest. So when you wake up in the morning and inhale the pure air most of the ailments get cured naturally. On the other hand, when you wake up late you get to inhale the polluted air and tend to fall sick more often.

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