‘I Had To Open The Door With A Tent In My Shorts!’ These People Share Their Super-Awkward Threesome Stories And It Is Funny AF

People have some weird $exual fantasies and fetishes. One of the most erotic and hot fantasies is threesome. And what comes as a surprise is that men are not the only one with threesome fantasies- women too like watching and participating in threesome encounter. But not all threesome encounters are erotic and super-sexy. Sometimes it can go horribly wrong and backfire because things like these go much smoother in our heads than in our beds. From guys fighting in the middle of the intercourse to girls using threesome as an excuse to cheat on their boyfriends, there are several cases when threesome ended up to be a filthy affair. These people on Reddit shared their weird threesome experiences and we just can’t stop laughing.

“I don’t know what they were fighting about because they were talking too fast for me (my Spanish isn’t too good). So it didn’t end too well for anyone.”

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“My ex who lived in the apartment upstairs came down because she heard moaning and knew that I was there. So while I waited for her to go, the girls got dressed. She killed everything about that morning.”

“No matter how much I tried to get involved she just didn’t want me to.” We think this is the saddest story on threesome you will read on the internet.

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