15 Places In India That Were Probably Named After Losing All The Sense!

Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name?” Little did he know that everything in the world in now about the names.

Until and unless it’s your last name or ‘daak nam’, names are pretty much what the world would know you with and you have the right to get a decent name! What happens when you land at a place that has a name quite inappropriate for your latest check-in on Facebook? Here are 10 Indian places that have names embarrassing enough to make you feel happy with yours.
1. Pooh, Himachal Pradesh

You may not meet the real-life Pooh from K3G, but here’s one place she must have hailed from, if not Chandni Chowk. Also known as Spuwa, it is a small town in the Kinnaur district of Himachal.

2. Kangal, Himachal Pradesh

With our present salary packages, we have finally found a place to go if not Goa.

3. Bettiah, Bihar

Worry not girls! Here’s a little ‘daughter friendly’ own to the West Champaran district, near the Indo-Nepal border, 225 kilometers north-west of Patna.

4. Bhainsa, Telangana

The perfect place to have annual bull races, the city lies next to Pathri and Umarkhed in the state of Telangana.

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