14 Indians Who Are Winning The Internet With Their Honest AF Bumper Stickers; The Dude In #10 Is Giving Some Serious Life Lesson

When you are driving on the Indian roads you are bound to meet some badass drivers. No, we are not talking about those who run over people sleeping on the footpath. We are talking about those who got some really funny bumper stickers on their vehicles that clearly say they do not give a f*ck to those who are reading it. While we are a big fan of the truck drivers when it comes to funny bumper stickers, car owners in the country are no less funny. Check out some of the funniest bumper stickers that you can only find on the vehicles in India.

This one scared me…

And the one who is getting paid by Fevicol for this.

This one comes from Delhi I am sure.

The forever single dude.

Mind it!

All the virgins be safe from this virgin Hunter.

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