11 Times China Tried To Blatantly Copy Famous Brands Proving That It Doesn’t Give A F*ck To Trademarks

When you are in China, do’t be surprised if you find an Abibas or a Puna at the cloth store or a Mike at the footwear section because the country is home to plenty of such cheap and imitation products. These are sold in the night markets on the streets of China and in parking lots. Some of these are blatant copies of popular brands and includes everything from sunglasses, clothes, champagne to mobile phones. Despite being clearly fake, these products are in huge demand specially among the tourists who come here. Check out some of such Chinese knock-offs of famous brands.

Has Steve Jobs seen this?

What a cool toothpaste to use!

Adios to originality.

Whatever that means.

Twist, lick, fake.

Perfect for going on a hike.

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