10 Viral Images That Changed the Way We Look At The World

5. Drowned Syrian Boy Alan Kurdi
The image of Alan Kurdi made headlines in the entire world. The photograph of 3-year-old Syrian boy taken by Turkish photographer, Nilüfer Demir had the little Alan covered in sand whose body was washed to the shore as he drowned with his family who were leaving for a safe abode to Canada.

6. The Syrian Kid Who Raised Her Hands Up, 2015
In an attempt to take pictures of Syrian refugees, Turkish photojournalist, Osman Sağırlı broke the internet’s heart with a picture of a girl who took the camera as a weapon and raised her hands up. The picture did not need any words to explain how the Syria was real and need the whole world’s attention.

7. Omayra Sanchez, Columbia 1985
In 1985, the village of Armero in Columbia was devastated due to a volcanic eruption. One of the victims a 13-year-old girl, Omayra Sanchez was stuck in the clay, mud and debris of her own house. With no medical support, she was tuck in the clay for three nights during which her entire day was televised and photographers kept talking to her, as taking her out would have ended up in amputations and in death eventually. The photograph was taken by Frank Fournier and won the World Press Photo Premier Award.

8. Qutubuddin Ansari, Gujarat Riots 2002
The photograph was taken by Arko Datta during the Gujarat riots when a mob torched a train arrying Hindus in Godhra that resulted in hundred of people dying, mostly Muslims. The person in the picture was Qutubuddin Ansari, who became the face of Gujarat riots as he pleaded a violent mob coming towards his home, that was already set on fire.

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