10 Times Indian Advertisements Made Us Go ROFL; You’ll Lose Faith In Humanity After #7

India is a very funny country and we love everything that is stupid and crazy. From offensive posters to stupid advertisements, from crazy classifieds to dumb print ads, wherever you go in the country you will definitely find something that is so funny that it will make your day.

When it comes to these crazy ads we wonder about two things- First, why don’t these companies hire a copy editor? Second, who gave them the idea of such advertisements in the first place?

These ads are no doubt crazy but they do not fail to bring a smile on your face or may be a hearty laughter after a really bad day. Check them out yourself and let us know in the comments section below which one did you like the best.

Limited period offer for brain tumour? We are definitely progressing.

This is getting violent now.

Deepika will definitely faint after seeing this.

Promoting gau maata like this? Naah.

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