10 Most Famous Beard Style And What They Tell About Your Personality

Beard is the new trend. Men today, wear all sort of beards.Every men have their own unique style of carrying a beard. But do you know the way they wear or make their beard reveals a lot about the personality of the men. The beard design says a lot about men.

Have a look at some of the styles of beards in fashion today and what they reveal about the personality of the men that carries this beard look:

1.Full beard:

The men with full beard are very confident. This classy full beard look gives men a mature, natural and unforced look. The first impression of men with this look is that the men is a scholar and intelligent.

2. Extended Goatee:

Men with extended goatee are afraid of commitments. The men wearing this look are young, lively and easy to go people.

3. Zappa:

The men carrying this beard makes them look manly, strong and sober person. It is the classiest look and reveals that a man is self-assured.

4.Verdi :

This look is very similar with the full beard look but the difference lies in the style of mustache. The mustache curved upwards reveals that the man is highly-confident and positively superior.

5. Circle:

The men carrying this beard look are usually soft and gentle from inside. Apart from giving manly and stylish look, this beard reveals that a person is very compassionate and has a kind heart.

6. Ducktail:

This look is also similar to the full beard look the only difference lies at the pointed shape at the chin. Apart from giving a modern and sexy look,this look reveals that a person is smart, active and a modern thinker. Men with this look are of a hilarious nature and are intelligent too.

7. Bandholz:

This is an extended form of full beard look as it goes really down from the face and gives a macho look. This look reveals about the sexuality a person have in his nature as if a man can carry this beard he may become irresistible to the opposite sex.

8. Garibaldi:

This look of beard reveals about the person’s clear impression of maturity, tolerance, and level of commitment.

9. Stubble:

The stubble look comes between clean shaven look and full beard. The women are highly attracted towards men with the men carrying this subtle look. This look says that a men is both innocent and mature, with that, it adds a mysterious vibe with the personality of a man.

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