10 Bizarre And Frightening Beauty Trends From Around The World That Are Insane AF

Beauty has different implications in various parts of the world. For some it is fair skin, for others it is long hairs and for yet others it can be screwy teeth! While some of these beauty patterns can intrigue, others can be damn scary. Here are 10 such scary beauty trends from around the globe that are strange AF. The Wodaabee tribe in Nigeria arranges a male beauty contest, that is judged by ladies, and in this ladies pick their future spouses. The men paint their eyes and lips in dark and whatever is left of their face in different hues and wear itemized caps.

Smile Tattoo: The women of the Ainu tribe in Japan get their face tattooed in such a way that it looks like a joker’s smile. Some of the girls get married as early as age 7 and in ancient times it was believed that the tattoo would help them get married.

Long Nails: In ancient China long nails were considered a symbol of wealth. People also thought that long nails helped them to talk to the Gods.

Blackened Teeth:
Until the end of the 19th century, women used to dye their teeth black. They not only believed that this made the women look beautiful, but it is also believed that it protected the teeth and supplied the body iron

Male Calves: Stockings were created for men, While women hid their legs by wearing long skirts in the eighteenth century, men would show-off their calves by wearing stockings. Some of them would also use artificial calves to make their legs look full.

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